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Friday, February 5, 2010

ONE . 5

End of Week 2, and things went a little slower this week, many interruptions and disturbances. We had some pitches for jingles for Television adverts etc and the workflow of "SEVEN" took a back seat until Wednesday.

While sitting on the couch during a TV Jingle pitch, I reached over to Wayne's guitar and began playing a riff which caught everyone's ear in the room, as soon as the "pitch people" left the Studio, Wayne and I began working with it and Wayne being the "rhythm guitarist" came up with a super anthem chorus to end all anthems choruses!

We have subsequently arranged the song in a completely different format to how we "traditionally" have been and today things really started hotting up bigtime.

Drums for this one are going to be amazing, will spend next week getting the drum sound and tone "song specific" for this one, it deserves special attention!

No name for it yet but we have a working title, more details over the weekend.

Please note, that on every SEVENTH blog post, some sort of media clip/song bite/special picture will be available for download on this blog, so keep updated.

Thanks for inspiring us...