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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

ONE . 3

So since we've been back in studio (Monday 25th Jan) we've been testing out a wide range of instruments incl Guitars, Electric Guitars, Bass Guitars, Drums, all sorts, big, small, loud or soft, to see what and which ones we need to use and where we need to use them, and for which songs....Did that all make sense?

We have been laying down various drum patterns and have been tuning the drums to all sorts of different tones best suited for it's certain application.

Wayne and I have been writing mainly on Piano, but will end up taking alot of the Piano's out, as we're just using it as a writing aid, we find you write completely different songs depending on the instrument your're using to write the song. We'll leave the bits that need to be played "properly" on the keys to our Keyboardist "Jason Reolon" he's the "key" man.

The first potential single from the album is called "Headlights" and has a very strong melody. I'm really happy with the beat it has and represents the true Merseystate sound! It will make you wanna dance and let your hair down!

Here's a pic of WOODSTOCK in the 60's or was it 70's? What a cool pic. Enjoy.....

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