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Friday, January 29, 2010

ONE . 4

Well its the end of Week 1, and things are hotting up at Dreamspace Studios. We have tracked final drum takes for 3 of the SEVEN songs on the New Album, and my oh my, I really can say that I'm most proud of this work. It sounds absolutely incredible, clear, punchy, edgy and energetic!

3 different drum kits, for 3 different songs, each with their own personality, I'm simply amazed. Wayne's engineering skills on the mixing board are blowing my mind!!!

Enough of the musical muso talk, we have a way to go, we are really taking our time and preparing everything so it builds up to be exactly what we want and even more importantly what you guys , THE FANS, are going to absolutely LOVE TO LISTEN TO.

Wayne sang some scratch vocals (test vocals) over "Headlights" yesterday and we're preparing the track for Gorm, Our Guitarist to lay his Guitar parts over, such nice spaces for him to do his magic!

So tomorrow we're back in there, we'll keep you all updated, Sunday is "relax" time, and then back at it again on Monday, possibly some sound bites in week 3 will become available on this blog, keep posted.....

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